Basal Implantology

    Basal Implantology

    Basal Implantology, Partial or Full Mouth Rehabilitation within 3 Days. Implant placement in patient by participant. Training sessions will include simplified lectures on basal implants. It will include LIVE SURGERY , simplified lectures on prosthesis after implants.

    There will be a day dedicated to hands on so that the participants can get the actual feel of placing implants. The hands on will be on life like models. This will give participants the confidence to place implants.

    After the course participants will get certification from INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR IMPLANT DENTISTRY. The participants will learn unique concept of no teeth to permanent teeth in just 3 days under able guidance of Dr. Rohan Virani.

    Basal Imlantology, Learn the best kept secrets and start immediate functional loading a pro from single tooth to partial arch to full mouth implants.

    Dr. Rohan Virani
    Dental Surgeon, Implantologist
    Dr. Rohan Virani is a certified trainer for students who want to pursue dentistry as a profession. The top ranking students in his graduation days at Yerala Dental College and Hospital, Kharghar, Mumbai.

    1. Bone Physiology
    2. Basal Implant Design
    3. Surgical Technique
    4. Occlusion
    5. Nerve Bypass Procedure
    6. Pterygoid Implant
    7. Selection of Implants
    8. Case Planning
    9. Hands On 3D Printed Patient Model
    10. Live Surgery (20 Implant Placement)
    11. Metal Trail
    12. Cementation & Case Completion
    13. Intra Oral Welding

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    • Start Date
      November 29, 2019 09:30 AM
    • End Date
      December 1, 2019 5:30 PM
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      Dr Priyal +917977877762/9870314121, Dr Rohan -9821534453