Comprehensive Orthodontic Program

    Comprehensive Orthodontic Program

    Dental Precision Academy presents Comprehensive Orthodontics Program. Hands On and Patient Training, covers 16 modules in 14 months. Materials worth Rs.10,000 will be given to each participant.

    * Materials given to each student by the academy :

    1. Weingart plier
    2. Pin and Ligature cutter
    3. Light wire cutter
    4. Artery forcep
    5. Tweed loop forming plier
    6. Bracket kits
    7. Ligatures and E-chain arch wires

    Comprehensive Orthodontics Program helps learning towards making smiles better.

    1. How to incorporate orthodontics in your practice
    2. Etiology, diagnosis & treatment planning
    3. Basics about growth and development

    1. Introduction to cephalometrics, facial landmarks, tracing of head planes, and review of commonly used cephalometric analysis
    2. Role of facial esthetics in treatment Planning.
    3. Role of habits in malocclusion and their interception

    1. Hands-On practice on models
    2. Force control
    3. Use of anchorage
    4. Completion of a Class II Division 1 case

    1. Chair side presentation of a case
    2.Bonding brackets in patients
    3. Ligating flexible wires.
    4. Fabrication of stainless steel arch forms
    5. Retraction of teeth and anchorage control
    6. Space closure
    7. Finishing & detailing of the case
    8. Debonding of the case
    9. Retainer placement

    Comprehensive Orthodontic Program

    Materials worth Rs.10,000 will be given to each participant

    Dr. Ashish Jain
    Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
    Dr. Ashish is the owner, head dental surgeon and Endodontist at Dental Precision Clinic and Academy. With an experience of 7 Years and over 5000 RCT’s, he is truly a gifted clinician.
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